Introduction to CS and Programming using Python
(Spring 2023)

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Calendar and Materials 6.100A - Spring 2023

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2/6: Lecture 1 zip
Admin and overview, what is computation, intro to programming languages and Python, assignment, types (int, float, str), objects, branching, indentation
Readings: Ch 1, Ch 2.1-2.3
Lec1 Finger Ex. out PS 1 out
2/8: Lecture 2 zip
Iteration (while loops, basic for loops with range), guess and check algorithms, Strings (insertion, deletion), tuples
Readings: Ch 2.4-2.8, 3.1
Lec2 Finger Ex. out Lec1 Finger Ex. due
Microquiz 0 (testing microquiz mechanics, not for points, take it on your own between 4:30pm and 9:30pm)
2/10: Recitation 1 notes PS 0 due at 9PM (No checkoff for PS 0)
2/13: Lecture 3 zip
Floating point, approximate solutions, bisection methods, begin functions
Readings: Ch 3.2-3.5, 4.1
Lec3 Finger Ex. out Lec2 Finger Ex. due PS 2 out
2/14 Last Day We Accept Adds
2/15: Lecture 4 zip
Decomposition, abstraction, functions, scope, lists
Readings: Ch 4.1-4.3, 5.1-5.3.1
Microquiz 1 (30 minutes at the end of class)
Lec4 Finger Ex. out Lec3 Finger Ex. due
2/17: Recitation 2 notes PS 1 Checkoffs start Add Date
2/20: President's Day No Class or OH
2/21: Lecture 5 zip
Mutability, aliasing, for loops over sequences, exceptions, assertions
Readings: Ch 5.3-5.5, 9
Lec5 Finger Ex. out Lec4 Finger Ex. due PS 3 out
2/22: Lecture 6 zip
Dictionaries, functions as objects, recursion
Readings: Ch 4.4, 5.7, 6
Lec6 Finger Ex. out Lec5 Finger Ex. due
2/24: Recitation 3 notes PS 2 Checkoffs start PS 1 Checkoff due at 5PM
2/27: Lecture 7 zip
Data abstraction, start classes, subtyping, substitution rule
Readings: Ch 10.1
Lec7 Finger Ex. out Lec6 Finger Ex. due PS 4 out
3/1: Lecture 8 zip
Inheritance, extended example using classes, class attributes
Readings: Ch 10.2-10.5
Microquiz 2 (30 minutes at the end of class)
No L8 Finger Ex.
3/3: Recitation 4 notes PS 3 Checkoffs start PS 2 Checkoff due at 5PM
3/6: Lecture 9 zip
Testing and debugging, Program efficiency (timing and counting ops)
Readings: Ch 8, Ch 11.1
Lec7 Finger Ex. due PS 5 out No L9 Finger Ex.
3/8: Lecture 10 zip
Algorithm analysis, implementing lists using indirection
Readings: Ch 11
Microquiz 3 (30 minutes at the end of class)
No L10 Finger Ex.
3/10: Recitation 5 notes PS 4 Checkoffs start PS 3 Checkoff due at 5PM Drop Deadline
3/13: Lecture 11 zip
Binary search, selection sort, merge sort, amortized analysis, hashing
Readings: Ch 12
No L11 Finger Ex.
3/15: Lecture 12 zip
Plotting, wrap-up
Readings: Ch 13
Sample Questions for Final Exam No L12 Finger Ex.
3/16 PS 5 due at 9PM (No checkoff for PS 5)
3/17: Recitation 6 notes PS 4 Checkoff due at 5PM
3/20: Lecture 13 zip
Review session
Readings: none
No L13 Finger Ex.
3/22: Lecture 14 zip
Final Exam in-class
Readings: none
No OH today or after No L14 Finger Ex.
3/27: Spring Break
3/28: Spring Break
3/29: Spring Break
3/30: Spring Break
3/31: Spring Break