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Additional Python Resources

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1) Microquiz Tips

Click here to download the video if you can't see it above.

2) Python

If you're having trouble with a particular concept or simply want to have access to more information, try one of the following links.

3) Documentation

  • Official Python 3 Documentation - "official"/technical explanation of what a particular function/operator does, examples of correct syntax, what the various libraries are, etc.

4) Textbooks/Tutorials

5) Debugging

  • Python Tutor - an excellent way to actually visualize how the interpreter actually reads and executes your code
  • DiffChecker - compares two sets of text and shows you which lines are different
  • Debugging in Python - steps you can take to try to debug your program

6) Software

7) Other Q&A

  • Stack Overflow - a large Q&A forum for programming concepts (not just Python). Try searching here before you post on the edX forum, and you may find that someone has already answered your question.

8) More Practice Problems

  • Python Challenge - a series of puzzles you can try to test your Python abilities
  • Project Euler - additional programming challenges you can try once your Python knowledge becomes stronger; problems are sorted by increasing difficulty
  • Coding Bat - problems you can solve within an online interpreter, specifically loops and lists
  • Codewars - improve your skills by training on real code challenges
  • Dictionaries - exercises on Python dicts
  • Classes and Object Oriented Programming - exercises on Python classes