Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science
(Fall 2021)

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Calendar and Materials 6.0002 - Fall 2021

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10/25: Lecture 1 slides
Course introduction. Optimization and knapsack problems
Readings: Ch 14.1, Ch 5.4
Lec1 Finger Ex. out PS 0 out PS 1 out
10/27: Lecture 2 slides
Dynamic programming (incl. tabular method) Pseudo polynomial complexity
Readings: Ch 15, Ch 5.3.2
Microquiz 0 (testing microquiz mechanics, not for points, take it on your own between 4:30pm and 9:30pm)
No L2 Finger Ex.
10/29: Recitation 1 notes PS 0 due at 9PM (No checkoff for PS 0)
11/1: Lecture 3 slides
Graphs, shortest path problems, DFS and BFS, all paths, and efficient algorithms including Dijkstra.
Readings: Ch 14.2
Lec3 Finger Ex. out PS 2 out Add Date
11/3: Lecture 4 slides
Stochastic thinking, probability, simulation
Readings: Ch 17.1-17.4
Microquiz 1 (25 minutes in-class on your computer)
PS 1 Checkoffs start No L4 Finger Ex.
11/5: Recitation 2 notes
11/8: Lecture 5 slides
Random Walks
Readings: Ch 16
Lec5 Finger Ex. out PS 3 out
11/10: Lecture 6 slides
Monte Carlo Methods, variance, confidence intervals, roulette, pi
Readings: Ch 18, Ch 19
PS 2 Checkoffs start No L6 Finger Ex.
11/11: Holiday No Class or OH
11/12: Recitation 3 notes PS 1 Checkoff due
11/15: Lecture 7 slides
Epidemiology simulation
Lec7 Finger Ex. out PS 4 out
11/17: Lecture 8 slides
Distributions, CLT, sampling, standard error
Readings: Ch 17.4-end, 19
Microquiz 2 (25 minutes in-class on your computer)
PS 3 Checkoffs start
11/18 PS 2 Checkoff due
11/19: Recitation 4 notes
11/22: Lecture 9 slides
Curve fitting, linear regression, R**2, overfitting, choosing a degree, training and test sets
Readings: Ch 20
Lec8 Finger Ex. out PS 5 out No L9 Finger Ex.
11/23 Lec7 Finger Ex. due PS 4 due at 9PM PS 3 Checkoff due
11/24: Pre-holiday No Class or OH
11/25: Holiday No Class or OH
11/26: Holiday No Class or OH
11/29: Lecture 10 slides
Intro to ML. Distance metrics, hierarchical clustering, K-means clustering
Readings: Ch 24, Ch 25
Lec10 Finger Ex. out PS 4 Checkoffs start Drop Deadline
12/1: Lecture 11 slides
Classification, evaluating classifiers
Readings: Ch 26.1-26.2
Microquiz 3 (25 minutes in-class on your computer)
PS 5 Checkoffs start No L11 Finger Ex.
12/3: Recitation 5 notes PS 4 Checkoff due
12/6: Lecture 12 slides
KNN and logistic regression
Readings: Ch 26.3-26.7
Lec10 Finger Ex. due No L12 Finger Ex.
12/8: Lecture 13 slides
Statistical fallacies. Wrap Up
Readings: Ch 22
No L13 Finger Ex.
12/10 No OH today or next week
12/17 Final Exam, 9am to 11am, online